Floor Plan

Each year, we will publish our floor plan as soon as all tables are assigned.  While the plan does not change that much, table assignments do.  There is no guarantee that an exhibitor will be in the same location from year to year.  In fact, for the 2022 Show year, there have been many changes to accommodate new exhibitors, layouts, change in fire regulations and larger displays!

Visitors can use this floor plan - in conjunction with the listing of exhibitors - to see exactly where an Exhibitor, Layout or Non-Profit Organizations will be located.  Additional Show participants may be added to the list without notice, so please check back as often as you wish.

Exhibitors, Layouts and Non-Profit Organizations are also encouraged to use these pages as a way to find out your show location so that your customers and friends will know where you are located in advance.

The Amherst Railway Society may move vendors at the last minute to accommodate additional invitees.  Approximately 85% of the vendors from last year are in the same location, but many have moved at their request, because of new/updated fire regulations or to accommodate additional invitees.  Always check the map to be sure of your favorite Exhibitors', Layouts' or NPOs' location.

Please note that this year, there is one PDF for all 4 buildings.  Watch the VERSION NUMBER of the Exhibitor's List as well as the Floor Plan to make sure that you have the latest list.  The Floor Plan is a large PDF (Please note that if you have a slow connection, this may take a minute or two to download).

NOTES: UPDATED 11/21/2021

Please note that there are many changes to our 54rd Show, especially in the Stroh Building (a new storage center caused us to reconfigure).  Changes have also been made to the BLC and Mallary Complex.  IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR FAVORITE EXHIBITOR LISTED, it most likely means that they are not attending this year.  There are still many exhibitors who are having problems entering the United States as well as those who still feel they need to sit out again this year.  Additionally, we are still waiting on some exhibitors.  Also, because of the changes, SECTIONS HAVE BEEN RE-NUMBERED....That means it may look like some folks have moved, but infact they are in the same location with a new section number.  Check back often to see updates to the lists and locations.  If you have any questions, do not hesistate to contact our office at 413-267-4555.

2022 Floor Plan V1.0
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