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Exhibiting at the 2022 Railroad Hobby Show

The Amherst Railway Society's (ARS) Railroad Hobby Show is by INVITATION ONLY.  On an annual basis, the Show Director and Show Committee decide which vendors, non-profits, exhibitors and layouts to invite based on their judgment as to what will make this year’s Show the best possible Show.  Vendors, exhibitors and layouts who are invited to participate are required to read the Terms & Conditions (copy is available under forms section), agree to them, and to abide by all of them.  Vendors, exhibitors and layouts who fail to abide by any of these conditions will be subject to immediate Contract cancellation, being put on the Show Director’s probation list, or not being invited back in future years.

The ARS Railroad Hobby Show is a RAILROAD show; non-railroad-related items will not be accepted.  If you have any questions about what is permitted to be sold, please contact us prior to the Show.  The Show Director and his designees - the Floor Managers - have the authority to ask vendors and exhibitors displaying items unrelated to railroads or railroading to remove them.  Vendors and exhibitors displaying such items who do not remove said items immediately are subject to being removed and not being invited to future Shows.  The decisions of the Show Director and/or the Floor Manager(s) are final.

Special COVID-19 INFORMATION as it affects Show Vendors
The Amherst Railway Society is committed to providing an exceptional experience, which begins by ensuring the health and safety of our guests, promoters, exhibitors, vendors and employees. Our goal is to find the best practices across the industry and use them. We are closely monitoring Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, federal, state and local government mandates and public health advancements and will continue to make changes as necessary or appropriate to our protocols and procedures. Year-round event guidelines are subject to change without notice to ensure the safety of our guests.
Mask Mandate
Effective May 29, 2021 masks are no longer required at Eastern States Exposition for those who are fully vaccinated except under limited circumstances as required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Masks will be required in the following areas regardless of vaccination status:
     • First aid stations, including office areas, and any area in which first aid is being administered.
     • Public Safety and other personnel assisting with first aid or similar emergencies.

Massachusetts Sales Tax
All sales, other than clothing, are subject to the Sales Tax Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (MGL Chapter 62C, amended by the acts of 2010 Chapter 308).  Vendors must be registered with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue and must prominently display their sales tax registration information. If any questions, please contact the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Sales tax is currently 6.25%.

COSTS to Participate in our 2022 Show
Sales Table:  $170.00 each
Parking Hangtag – Two Day:  $10.00 each
Individual Identification Badge: 1 free badge per contract, all others $12.00 each; $13.00 each after January 1, 2022
Saturday Night Dinner Buffet Ticket:  $37.00
Booklet Advertising:  Please see Advertising under forms


All vendors and exhibitors must make their REQUESTS for Standby Status by submitting the WAIT LIST APPLICATION directly to the show office. Sending in your application, which then becomes part of the ARS permanent data base, does not guarantee you a space at the show. You must receive an invitation from the Show Director to exhibit at the show. Please do not confuse your listing on the Stand-by-waiting-list with an invitation to exhibit at the show.  A wait list application is available in the forms section on the sub-menu.

Material used on displays

Fire Prevention Regulations have been updated by the West Springfield Fire Deparatment and the Fire Prevention Officer.  The list of regulations has been updated and can be found and downloaded in the FORMS section sub-menu.

The list of regulations has been updated and can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

The West Springfield Fire Marshall tests all materials used in displays at the Amherst Railway Society's Railroad Hobby Show unless they carry manufacturer's certificates certifying that they are fire retardant. "Fire retardant" for the layman means that the material if ignited will go out, that is, that the material will not self-sustain flame. "Fire retardant," fire resistant," and "fire proof," while technically distinct terms, have the same meaning for the layperson. Manufacturers of fire retardant materials attach certificates certifying that fact to the materials. There is a store in West Springfield that sells spray bottles of fire retardant for those whose display materials do not pass the Fire Marshall's test. For vendors who are uncertain, we suggest checking with their local fire departments if they have questions about materials they plan to use.

We know of two dealers of fire retardant and one dealer of fire resistant fabric in the area. They are:

Retardent Dealers:


Mass Fire Equipment Corp.
57 York St.
Springfield MA 01104
Product name 'CeaseFire'

Fire Control Co.
St. George Rd.
Springfield MA 01104
Product name 'CeaseFire'


Fire Resistant Fabric Dealer:


Osgood Textile Co., Inc.
333 Park St.
W. Springfield MA 01089

ARS Show Director – John Sacerdote
Tel: 860-243-0811,
ARS Show Office Manager – Meaghan Royce
Tel: 413-267-4555,  Email:
ARS Treasurer – David Royce
Tel: 413-267-4555,  Email:
To make Credit Card payments:
call 413-267-4555 or use PayPal to

Wheelchair Rentals
Footit Health Care Supply, 340 Memorial Ave, W.Springfield, MA 01089   Tel: 413-733-7842
Special Needs – carpet, drapes, etc.
American Convention Services, 50 Turnbull St, Springfield, MA 01104   TEL: 413-739-6811
Massachusetts Sales Tax
Tax Department (617) 887-6367
Toll-free in Massachusetts (800) 392-6089
9 a.m.–4 p.m., Monday through Friday
Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Ave, W.Springfield, MA 01089    Tel:  413-737-2443  
Transportation Services:
AMTRAK-Springfield, MA
66 Lyman St, Springfield, MA 01103; TEL:413-785-4264;
1883 Main St, Springfield, MA 01103  Tel 800-231-2222
CITY CAB CO – Springfield, MA   TEL:  413-734-8294
YELLOW CAB CO – Springfield, MA   TEL:413-534-3333

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